Austin DWI Lawyer

Driving a car while under the influence of alcohol is prohibited. A DWI attorney represents people who have been accused of DWI or DUI. When you are caught with this type of a case, you need to retain the help of the best DWI attorney to make sure that your interests are well represented in the court. It is also essential to hire such an attorney as it will help lessen the sanctions that you will face after the trial.

When looking for an Austin DWI attorney, you need to understand that you are looking for a criminal attorney. A DWI attorney is a specialized criminal lawyer that serves to defend people who have been accused of driving under influence crimes. Most of the criminal attorneys have their practice focused on only one type of crime or a few types of cases. When looking for a lawyer, ensure that you get one with a good record when it comes to representing DWI cases.

When searching for an Austin DIW attorney, you may start your search by calling the local bar association. The American Bar Association is a group of professional lawyers and attorneys licensed to practice in the USA. Each state has its bar association, and they can offer you with a list of referrals for different attorneys in your area who handle DWI cases. Once you have a list of the attorney, you can now do some research on each one of them. Search online and look for their names to find if they have any published posts in legal journals or they have worked with highly publicized cases in the recent past. It is also imperative for you to check with your local county’s clerk office or state disciplinary committee to identify if any of them has a history of malpractice suits. It is obvious that you want a lawyer with a good reputation, preferably someone who is respected and influential in the field of DWI defence.

After you have reduced your list of the Austin DWI lawyers, it is the time that you start calling each one of them. Most attorneys offer a free consultation. If possible speak to all of them. By talking to different lawyers, you can make an informed decision about which one among them will be able to represent your interests in the court best. When you are in the lawyer’s office for the initial consultation, make sure that you ask the lawyer how they are planning on defending you.

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